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Why Laughter Sells in Experiential Sales Marketing

Next_Big_brand_laughing_in_ theofficeHundreds of studies show how the effects of laughter decreases stress by triggering the release of endorphins (the happy hormone) which is a natural way to feel totally good, euphoric!, something most experts attune to the key addictive ingredient.

Oxytocin: The Love Hormone

Dopamine: Reward-Motivated Behavior

Serotonin: Happiness

“Laughter is contagious”

Laughter is so powerful that the release of these hormones create an increase in immune cells and antibodies a double effect, increasing the immune systems strength to fight disease.

When you deliver a great service or sell an amazing product, this euphoric emotion persists each time your client views or thinks about the product or services. This powerful sense of satisfaction, induces laughter each time the product or service are mentioned… and laughter is contagious.

So what a better way to laugh your way to sales with genuinely happy clients. Provided you have a product like a high end mobile phone or pad, the product does the work for you. However when you are delivering intangible services and you are on the fringe, i.e. in a client facing role, “not” laughing will break the deal eventually. No one wants to buy from a sour sales professional. What’s more, as you laugh with your client, there is a big possibility that the air lightens and the client feel’s more relaxed and able to gauge you as a person. So laugh a lot when you are speaking to clients, release the endorphins that will close the deal!

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