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The Peculiar Case of ‘Manipulation’ Vs ‘Sales’

Over a discussion with someone close to me a few days ago I was taken aback at the description of sales being associated to manipulating. I had to re-evaluate the two words as I had never thought of sales this adversely.  Emotions aside, l briefly evaluate the hypothesis, albeit controversial for some.

To answer what indeed separates ‘Manipulation and ‘Sales’ we require a definition of the words.


A quick google dictionary search states that manipulation is the “the action of manipulating someone in a clever or unscrupulous way.” More research in other online dictionaries used vocabulary like “dishonest” and “unfair manner” to describe “manipulate”. It must also be noted that a doctor may skilfully manipulates a broken bone, which is where some level of ambiguity may seep in the advocation of “Manipulation” as a connotation to “Sales”.

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realise that manipulation requires little effort in understanding client requirements and a lot of skill to convince the client and manipulate them in a certain direction.



Google dictionary states, “the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.” Other online dictionaries utilise words like opportunity, demand and process or act of selling. To achieve a professional “Sale” requires a certain level of sacrifice and background research.

You need identifying a group of people that have a pre-existing need for your product or services. Then to validate why they have that need for your product or services. Following this, you need to identify how to access those specific individuals and finally introduce them to your offering on the pretext that  you already confirmed they require these service. In other words, these highly defined individuals enjoy an experiential sale; being that you helped them get what they were already looking for… what a blissful feeling when you purchase something exactly as your imagination envisioned.



The peculiar case of the two words “Manipulation” and “Sale” differentiate not on the amount of work involved nor the strategic focus to the end result. There is no fine line between the two words in reference to the exchange for products and services. The hypothesis is defined in the ‘actionable” effort and dedicated motivation. “Manipulating” has a high motivation for personal gain and “Sales” has a high motivation for the clients gain.

The author, Nico Samaras has conducted sales in over 165 countries across the globe and built lasting C-level relationships which endure the test of time. Connect with him on +31 (0) 20 890 5538 for a surefire way to acquire clients outside your current means of acquisition.

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