Go Beyond Naming a Business: make it so delicious you want to eat it

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Go Beyond Naming a Business: make it so delicious you want to eat it

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a business name that was so delicious people would want to eat it, like chocolate. You possible have an immediate image in your mind of that forbidden sweet, what the packaging feels like, sinking your teeth into those gorgeous flavours and the taste swirling around your mouth. If you are anything like me, I’m reaching for my jacket and going out for a chocolate wrapped coconut! and I bet you even know what I am going to buy.

If life was so simple (sigh). We are often prone to buyer’s remorse after devouring a fat delicious chocolate and psychologists would possibly characterise my actions impulsive, if not compulsive. But a unique albeit delicious catchword, well… what harm can that do? The World bank recorded 458,900 new businesses globally for the fiscal year 2012-2014, so you might want to think of something extra sweet with a topping!

Marketers attempt to eliminate dissonance (in this case remorse) by positive reinforcement, and that’s where your services matter most. A friend explained recently how she spontaneously purchased a mobile phone online. She regretted the decision and promised herself to return it, box un-opened when it arrived in the morning. However the box looked so delicious, she couldn’t resist the temptation, and the layers of opening, the feel of the phone, her remorse turned to ecstatic happiness and explained how it was the best thing she had ever purchased and cost justified. If you are like most of us, I bet you even know what phone she purchased.

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If the main aim of your naming firm is to create a unique brand, ask them to go beyond the normal. A name is not about its products or services prior to your audience knowing what you do, you’ll have enough time to present that once the client is in the door and get them to link those emotions to your brand.

Unless you studied marketing and worked in branding services, you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of how much effort goes into any title, name or campaign. Getting a marketing manager on the phone is almost impossible and that should speak for itself. Creating a catchy company name is difficult enough for highly qualified professionals, and unless you have a moment of brilliance… quick.But you can think of something totally delicious, so delicious you would want to eat that name, and then follow up with some snazzy wrapping and a product to die for.

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