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(The Official) Next Big Brand

“Eye Candy” in words

Do you own an iPhone? maybe an iPod, do you remember the experience of unwrapping? Or have you ever had the experience of receiving an expensive gift or car delivered to your doorstep. Well I remember the first time I got into my (albeit) second hand BMW 323i sport. I could smell the distinct smell of leather, the touch to my body was soothing, cool and the seat wrapped around my rib-cage. I reached for the key and thunder exploded in my ears of a sweet sounding tiger. I will always cherish those emotions in the purchase of my first car.

My experience was a direct result of the final product BMW delivers, time and again; Pricing, distribution, market positioning, superfluous user experience (sensory/cognitive stimulation) and also satisfying self image, social status.

There are countless ways to satisfy your clients online and many would argue that you cannot recreate this type of experience on a webpage. At the end of the day all you need to do as a marketeer is have the product readily available, checkout and ca-ching! another client purchased. Provided this is what your products are about, and only that, there are a streams of interns learning the latest concepts in marketing that will beat you to do the door. Provided you feel that “don’t touch it if it ain’t broken” I am sorry to inform you that you’ve already lost 8 sale to every 2 sales if we take the 80/20 rule.

You see, every manufacturer that achieved enduring global brand status achieved this by experiencing first hand what it would feel like to be wrapped in the very best of their own products, and then continued to consistently improve in pursuit of perfection; at each point the client connected with their products, and in short, you have the means to achieve just that; follow your clients journey and explode their sales along the way.

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