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I presume the most important moment for any start-up is the first five minutes after pitching to an audience of potential partners, Venture Capitalists, investors, Bootcamp mentors. Not having any idea if their Startup name or concept is still lingering in the memory of those who could make or break their technology invention can be quite nerve-racking. Thankfully at every such event beer and wine is free and in happy abundance, which of course is a high contributor to further memory loss.

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No one to fault here; it’s just the way the average person processes information. Remembering a brand five minutes post pitch plus two pitches is to most quite challenging. It’s called sensory overload. And pitch nights are the perfect environment for sensory overload to thrive in; on an average, 8-12 teams have a 15 minute pitch describing a ‘revolutionary’, ‘unique’ technology application that will disrupt industry, winner take all with a couple of consolidation prizes.

Unless you are Uber-hot, the chances of someone recalling your start-up name a day later are quite daunting. And at the same time technology start-ups are limited by day’s consisting of only a mere 24 hours; coding, error detection, AB testing and pivoting. Brand promotion is often neglected and it’s not difficult to see why; there just is isn’t enough time in a day.

So why not let your Start-up brand name do all the work for you while you get on with, well… coding.

One option is to enact a principle of figure-ground. Gestalt psychology maintains that provided you add environmental features around a ‘figure’ the brain can decipher the ‘missing link’; principle of figure-ground. The most basic interpretation of this principle is to have a photo of a person replaced with a white outline, and the brain possibly identifies who it is based on the background. Assuming this blog post is the environment, hopefully you can decipher the following brands:

SOFT                     PPLE                     KIA                        HOO!                    OGLE                    IFY                         GBRAND

Provided you use this principle successfully you may come across as highly intelligent which is never a bad thing, but more importantly draw the right type of attention from your audience. And Attention! should be a start-ups ‘bestest’ friend. Attention by differentiation, desirability, emotional or a thought provoking principle is  the first step in getting your audience to record those stimuli to short term memory and subsequently helping recall when they recognise the figure-ground again.

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Information formerly held by only a handful of marketing professionals and high street branding consultancies for catchy company names is out there for you to take. All you need is a lot of imagination, experimentation and enough time to think it through.